2020 February


February: My Month of Open Doors!

Welcome to the month of February

When God starts afresh with you by overlooking your errors of the past on the alter of forgiveness, it means something great is in the about to happen.

The Lord is aware of your struggles and challenges; He understands what you are going through and oppositions that stand against you; He appreciates your limitations; He knows you have kept His words and never deny His name; therefore, the words of God in Revelation 3:8 will manifest in your life. The Lord will “set before you an open door which no one is able to shut”
This month 10 powerful doors shall be opened unto you:
1. Door of blessings.
2. Door of breakthrough.
3. Door of healing.
4. Door of upliftment.
5. Door of fruitfulness
6. Door of favour.
7. Door of promotion.
8. Door of opportunities.
9. Door overwhelming. increase.
10. Door of joy unspeakable.

Welcome to your month of OPEN DOORS.